a digital home for the meetings & groups
of Quakers in Britain

from the Quaker Meetings Network

Welcome to Quaker.app, the home of the Quaker Meetings Network. We are a community of Quakers whose aim is to support Friends in an increasingly digital age.

We offer resources ranging from outreach websites to administrative intranets, including document storage, discussion forums, event calendars, and domain management.

Our bespoke tools and resources have been created collaboratively by Friends specifically for Friends, Quaker meetings, and wider Quaker groups.

What we offer


We offer modern, simple, attractive websites. Whilst they have been designed specifically for Local Quaker Meetings, they can also be adapted for other Quaker groups.


A private online space for your group to archive and share documents, hold discussions in forums, and manage your digital resources.


Use professional, centralised, role-based email accounts like clerk@yourmeeting.org to ensure that when roles change within your group, handover is simplified.


Centralised support from experts who built the system from the ground up. No need to rely on that one techy person in your group who could be unavailable in the future.


Managing and renewing domain names can be a hassle and is not straightforward if the duty changes hands frequently. Centralise this with us using our domain services.


These are our main services, but you can discover more by registering your interest with us and talking to us about your needs.

Our background

In 2017, a Quaker Website Project Group was formed to address the widely needed effort to improve websites of Quaker Meetings in Britain. By 2019, this group had growed to around 70 Friends.

After thorough discussions with Britain Yearly Meeting, BYM discerned that they were unable to coordinate the project or provided centralised funding. From this outcome was born the Quaker Meetings Network – a collaboration between two freelancers and the project group. One of these freelancers is a lifetime Quaker and has built and actively maintains five websites for Britain Yearly Meeting. Our organisation embodies Quaker values and ethics, and is a community effort.

Register your Interest

If you're interested in what the Quaker Meetings Network can do for your meeting or group, please fill in this short form. We will get back to you as in a few days with information.